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The revitalization of a commercial district or residential neighborhood often begins with improvements to a single building or storefront. Updates such as fresh paint or a new sign that highlights the assets of your building can
positively impact the corridor. Business Improvement District 19 (BID #19) has a grant fund to assist commercial and industrial property owners and businesses in BID #19 with improvements to their facilities.

  • Grant awards will reimburse 50% of total project costs not to exceed $6000
  • Grant reimbursement award not to exceed $3000
  • Grant awards may be used in combination with Milwaukee City Development grant programs.
  • Grant award funds can be allocated among the façade, signs, and safety improvements.
  • Applicants will complete this application include 2 quotes for each desired use. The awardee will allow site visits by the BID Grant Committee to review the eligibility and progress of the
  • project.
  • Façade improvements must be in compliance with Milwaukee City Development Guidelines.

If you are unsure please contact Kermiath McClendon at 414-286-5820 or by email at

For more information about city-wide grant programs, please visit


Facade, permanent signage, security, and landscape grants only apply to exterior street façade improvements. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:
Security cameras
Exterior lighting
Permanent signage
Awnings, shattered resistant windows (if windows are not previously damaged).
Landscaping must be visible from the street. If the grant is used for landscape only, the building’s façade must not have any exterior code violations.

Applicants can only apply once during each funding cycle. The funding cycles are from January to June and from July to December. The BID reserves the right to change or modify grant cycles.

Ineligible Properties include: those that are not located within BID #19, tax exempt properties, tax delinquent property, property whose owner has other tax delinquencies, property in litigation, property in condemnation or receivership, spaces not deemed as proper retail or commercial space, vacant properties without active businesses lacking a letter of intent to lease, or an accepted offer for purchase, properties with outstanding code violations.